by Chained

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released April 23, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Gurtshaw



all rights reserved


Passenger Seat Records Nashville, Tennessee

Digital and Vinyl.

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Track Name: Worthless
You burn your breath with enduring spite
You fuel your fire with the blackest heart
A dark stain; a deep wound on
The face and heart of humanity

I'd watch you dig your grave
Your bleeding hands clawing earth
Breaking ground, blistered flesh
Give yourself to the dirt

You've made your life in the dirt

I'm pulling out my teeth
Every second you're able to speak
You spread your fucking disease
Now beg and plead

See yourself in the faces
Of every enemy you've made
There's no escaping from this fucking waste
You call living

You've served your purpose
Your words are worthless
Track Name: Moral Agony
Everything you love
Was built on hate
Every word slipped through the cracks
And settled in to your foundation

So much wasted breath
While you try to justify

Words still used for malice
That you claim mean nothing
Time has changed us
Your time has passed

Every time you spill poor words
You set yourself back
You're draining me of my clarity
You stress my patience
You keep pushing but you never budge
I'll let you bite through your tongue forever in moral agony

Moral agony

Forever you will rot in moral agony
Track Name: Coldest Truth
I feel the blood rush to my head
My veins are pumping purest spite
You are my disease
You are my curse
You are the purest evil
The collector of our bodies wealth
Nothing more than a thief
Of the worth from my hands

I feel so barren
My living body; cold and rotting
Icy hands weigh down my chest
Solace comes in the undertow

Together we make our home in the undertow

If I could breath the coldest truth of death
One hand in the coffin the other through my chest

I feel the blood rush to my head
My hands are not my own; I am unaccountable
I feel the blood rush to my head
In our final moments truth is known as death

As death
Track Name: Return to Dust
Lost; wandering
No constant feeling for anything
I am the only absolute
Burning at both ends of life and death

No comfort comes at the end of struggle
Building callous on deeper wounds

Every day being drained
Of whatever's left in my body

I can't wait for the spread of silence
The knife to my throat
The noose around our necks

I've lost all respect
All faith in everything
And all that's left will turn to ash
I've lost humanity
All remorse for anything
And I'm taking back what's mine

No comfort comes at the end of struggle
Building callous on deeper wounds

Return to dust

I clasp my hands so I may be heard
But the only return is cold silence
All that's left is broken in disrepair
I am the only absolute